Single Ply Systems


For many years the core offering of Advanced Roofing Ltd, single ply membranes offer lightweight and flexible waterproofing solutions and are available as either mechanically fastened, adhered or ballasted systems. With skillful application, membranes can be applied to increase aesthetics, mimic expensive traditional fully supported metal systems and provide colorful alternatives to more traditional systems.
Advanced Roofing Ltd works with our market-leading supply chain partners to offer complete solutions in single ply roofs and associated products. This approach is tempered by our many years of experience in single ply roofing and we will always be pro-active in advising our clients if we believe other waterproofing systems offer greater security, durability and whole life cost benefits.

Few systems, however, can rival single ply membranes for the speed of installation, lightweight construction, and adaptability of detailing and in the correct application single ply membranes provide a cost-effective reliable solution for both new build and refurbishment projects. Advanced Roofing Ltd trains their installers to a minimum level of NVQ 2 and invests heavily in manufacturer’s installation and design training courses. Coupled with our rigorous quality control management scheme this means that our client can be assured that their roof will have the reliability, aesthetic qualities and longevity promised in the extended guarantees offered by Advanced Roofing Ltd in partnership with the membrane manufacturers.